Monday, October 26, 2015


"Jonathon.....the minion! very strong tan line. That is NOT a white shirt!!!!"

"Killer bunny from Monty Python!"

"Me and my Compy." :) :) :)

Monday, October 19, 2015

"40 Day Fast"

Wow. Well, this week was crazy. But.... THEY STARTED THE CONCEPCION TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my first temple breaking that I have ever been to and it was awesome :) We were in San Pedro which is just like 20 minutes from the temple site and watched it on satellite. It was really cool and really touching. This will be the 2nd temple in all of Chile and I just find that amazing. A huge long country that really needs it! I could really see that the working is moving on :) One of the people that talked said that right before a temple starts, the work gets really hard. I can FOR SURE testify of that. and Presidente Bluth totally was a translator for one speaker. I got so prideful that THAT was my mission president :)

So our mission started something truly amazing today. It's called the 40 day fast. No, I am not going to LITERALLY fast for 40 days. I am not crazy. Hahaha but it's a 40 day  fast from "habits" that we want to break. Presidente Bluth has asked us to choose 5 things to change to be more spiritual and Christlike. I decided not to share them here because they are a bit personal, but I can already see that they are happening and I can see myself already changing. Every morning we need to pray for the help we need to do it and in the night, we give a report to Heavenly Father how it went that day. Of course, we may need to do a bit of repenting. This last week was the week where we chose the 5 things. I got really upset this week and so frustrated with myself that I kind of broke down. I felt like I haven't been the missionary that I wanted to be. But I know that I can change and I am so grateful for these 40 days that I have. 
Well, if any of you want to do these 40 days, then just ask and I can send you the stuff for it :) I hope you have a great day! 

Hermana Burnham

"Cool lookin' chickens" :)

"Our gangster investigator Felipe and his little sister Carolina. They are so good and so fun!" :) :) :)

"Role play with our stuffed animals.....thanks for the minon Tiff!"


Monday, October 12, 2015

Santa Juana Pics

Just pictures this week!

"Arm wrestling with Hermano Jorge......he won!"

"Our view outside our back window"

"Happy Birthday Hayden"

"Happy Birthday Abby"

"General Conference - The English Room!"

"Hermana Anunciacao saying good-bye to Santa Juana" :(

"My Peruanas!!!!!! I love Hermana Matias and Hermana Antay. Hermana Antay went to Temuco right after I left."

"Hermana Castaneda was just dying to take my picture in front of this pink wall. So we did!" :) :) :)


"My new companion.....Hermana Castaneda"

"The guinea pig peed on my companion"

"My last Zone"

"Let God Illuminate Your Life"