Monday, July 27, 2015

"Trunky Letter"

"Got my trunky letter!!"

"Thanks Tiffany for the package. I tried to make a little face mask. Hahahahaha!"

"My hair has ice in it!!!!"

"Thanks for the slippers Tiffany!!"

"Our investigator Katherine"

"Eating Camaron with our investigator Katherine"

"Popcorn and hot chocolate. We are reading the Book of Mormon as a branch beginning 1st of August" :)

Monday, July 20, 2015

"Hermana Anunciacao"


"I'm taller than my companion!"


"Saying goodbye to Victoria"

"Leaving Victoria"

"Hermana Anunciacao!"

Monday, July 13, 2015

"Santa Juana"

Well folks. I am getting TRANSFERRED!!! Hahahaha I will be going to....... drum roll........ SANTA JUANA! With a companion from..........drum roll....... BRAZIL! Hahaha now I just need a companion from Argentina and from Central America. Those are the ones I am missing. Hahahaha :) Maybe she can teach me some Portugese. WOW!

Well, anyway. It's weird that I am leaving Victoria. It has made me a little sad because FINALLY we are seeing tons of miracles here in the area. We have a lot of investigators and lots of families that are coming back to church. SO it's bitter sweet, but I am actually really excited to get to know the north of the mission. That will be awesome. I heard it rains a lot though. And in my new area, they don't have a church building. They have a house to do church. hahahaha! How great is that?? 

But Victoria has been great. I love all the members here. I sure learned A LOT about what kind of person I want to become and that is like Jesus Christ. If we have that focus every day, we will be just fine :) But that doesn't mean it won't be hard. Because it was REALLY hard for Jesus to do what He did. And to become like him, we need to pass through the hard parts of life. Man, I sure love being a missionary!

I love the song from the primary, I am trying to be like Jesus. I always sing it in my head when someone is bugging me or when I need help. Because it's the truth. I am trying to be like Jesus. 

Hermana Burnham

"The last district meeting." :(

"Making sopapillas with Jazmin and her crazy kids."

"Jazmin! The best investigator ever" :)

"President Osman and Maria Jose. He is the branch president here."

"The Villagran Family"


"Familia Munoz"

"Familia Garrido"