Monday, October 27, 2014

"Prayers are Answered!"

Not too much happened this week. Hahahaha! It was just kind of like a flat line. 

We had some cool stuff happen though! We had 2 investigators in church!!! WOOO!!! Orobia and Ramòn. They are so cool. Orobia is kind of older and is the sweetest thing ever! I love her. We called her yesterday morning and said we would walk with her and then we got to her house and she wasn't home. So we called her and she was all, oh I am in the church. What? Orobia. Hahaha we said we would walk with you! Oh goodness. It was crazy. Then Ramòn is about 50.... I think. On Friday he said he would come but didn't want to wear a tie because he doesn't like them. But, he showed up to church super early and wore a tie! And a full on suit! It was so sweet. They both instantly made friends in the branch and loved church. It was so cool. 

We  have been struggling a bit in our branch here. We have a LOT of inactives. A lot. We only have about 18 or 20 people each week in church. Then yesteday, we had 29! 29 PEOPLE! That is so cool. For about 12 weeks now, in all of my prayers, I have prayed for the members who are inactive to start coming to church again. For 12 weeks, this has been a huge worry for me. Then yesterday, my prayer was answered. It just goes to show that we need to be patient when we pray and ask for things. Because the Lord has perfect timing and we don't. It was so cool to see these members in the branch. I loved meeting them and also just seeing all the chairs filled. I know it is not about numbers in the branch, but about these members keeping their covenants and being happy. It was nice to see that prayers really are anwered. It was a testimony to me that if we pray with real intent and have patience, our prayers will be answered

I testify that Heavenly Father really does hear our prayers and will answer them. No matter who we are. He will answer and he listens. He WANTS to answer our prayers. We just have to do our part, and that is to act. Pray and act, then He will do his part. 

I hope you all have a great week! Remember, pray is the way! There is no other way :) 

Con amor
Hermana Burnham

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Joseph Smith"


This week was sooooo good and yet, not SUPER GOOD. The mission is seriously a roller coaster ride. That is all I have to say! 

This week seemed to last FOREVER! But it's all good. We had rain almost all week. ¿Que? Ya. I thought it was spring too. Guess not. It was freezing this week. We had one super super hot day, then the rest were cold. All the people say in about one more day, we will get hot again and stay hot for the next 3 months. So there ya go. Weirdo Curacautin. Weirdo. 

We had some really good lessons this week. Nothing really stands out though. One thing though, I have been kind of stressed this week. None of our investigators are attending church and it has bugged me so much. Why have they not gone to church? We invite, and invite, and invite and yet. None. Zip. Zero. Last night I had an emotional breakdown to my companion. Why are we teaching so many awesome people and yet none of them want to go to church? Then it just got me thinking, ya know, we can't make their decisions for them. They are their own agency. And isn't that just truly amazing? Heavenly Father has blessed us with agency. No one can make us do anything. We can choose to do whatever we want! BUT, we will always have a consequence. Always. Good or bad. And it really made me think of our many new investigators. It is their choice, but it is also our choice and responsability to teach them and help them. That is my calling. To help others make the right choices in their lives. I know I can do it through the help of my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I just have to be patient with our new investigators. Patience is a virtue: mom :) 

Also this week, I have been thinking a bit about my own testimony. Do I really know that Joseph Smith was a prophet? Do I really believe this? Do I really know that I can repent for my sins or that Jesus Christ really suffered for EVERYONE in the earth? And I never had a lightning stike that said, YES! This is true Hermana Burnham. Believe it. No. That is not how the spirit works. I have seen my testimony grow day by day when I study the scriptures and pray. I love the Book of Mormon. Before my mission, I only read a little. Now, I read it everyday. And even in Spanish, I have grown such a deep love for it. I read it every day aloud in Spanish and holy cow, that has helped me to speak so much more in this language. I love this book! I can definitely say it is my favorite :) Lately in the lessons, I have been able to say the first vision memorized and it has truly made me gain a testimony of José Smith. I know with all my heart that José Smith really was a prophet. I can't deny it! I will never deny it. He was a prophet of God and he restored the Gospel to the earth. I know this is true. I know it, because the spirit whispers it to me every day. During lessons and while I study. I know that Jesus Christ loves us too. He is our Savior. Without Him, we can't become perfect or even return to our Heavenly Father. 

Ask yourself this week, why are we here on the earth? It seems like a simple question, but it is a big question. 

I love you all so much! And I am always amazed at the support you all show me. Thanks for your love and prayers! :) 

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham

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