Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Work, Work,Work!"


This week was..... LONG! Hahahaha we traveled soo much and I felt tired almost the whole time. Monday we went to Victoria for a Zone activity, then Temuco on Tuesday for a 2 Zone Conference with Presidente Bluth and Hermana Bluth, the Victoria again on Wednesday for a Zone Meeting, then we had General Conference, but thank goodness that was here in Curacautin. Even if I had to watch it ALL in Spanish. Hahaha! It was a little difficult, but I got the main point of almost every talk. I just need the Ensign in English now! Hahahaha :) 

This week was longer than normal. Mostly because, well. I got bit by a dog. Hahaha! Ya thanks karma! Let me explain. We were running late for lunch with some members and so we were walking REALLY fast. We were just about there when it happened. We walked by a dog sleeping on the sidewalk and I kind of skidded my foot really hard on the ground. It really startled him so he woke up really fast, bit me and ran away. I am pretty sure he was just defending himself becuase it sounded like I was going to hurt him. Well, I panicked. Hahahaha! I screamed and yelled, "Hermana!!! I just got bit by a dog!! I just got bit! AWWWW!!!" It hurt so bad. So bad people. And I was just crying and I couldnt breathe because the dog started coming back! So I was scarred he would bite a again! Hermana Lozano made me walk a little then I sat down on a little cement thing and right then, the Elders called. OF COURSE. Thats what I was thinking because I was a little frustrated. They were all, youre late for lunch and Hermana Molina is wondering where youre at. Hermana Lozano was like, uhhhh we are kind of in a emergency. Anyway, we cleaned it in the Molinas house with hand sanitizer, so great, and then we ate lunch with my leg bleeding. After, we went to the hospital and I got it cleaned and had my first rabies shot. That was painful. And I have to get 5 in all!!! Goodness. 

Needless to say, I was really frustrated. I didnt want to work at all. My mind was just mind and I almost considered telling my companion this and that we should just stay home for the day. But I felt the spirit say to me that I needed to work. Just to give a little bit more that day. So I cried a little bit more and then got to work. We were knocking doors when we ran in to Paola. We met her in the street a few weeks ago, but never visited her. She had us walk with her to her house and then we taught her the most amazing lesson ever! It was so cool. She opened up to us a lot and told us a very special story about something in her life. So special that I kind of dont want to share it. I think it is best to just be shared with us 3. But I know thats what I needed to work that day. We we dont feel like working, we need to work harder! Ezra Taft Benson once said, Work, Work, Work! And that is so true :) I am so glad that I didnt give up and that we had that lesson with Paola. I know thats why the spirit told me to not stay home. It was only a dog bite! hahahaha Oh gosh. The dogs are gonna kill me. 

But all in all, we did okay this week. Me and Hermana Lozano both feel like we didnt do our hardest so we want to do better this week and give it our all! I know we can do it if we followt the spirit and work 100% of the time. A mission is hard. But it is so rewarding when you have a neat experience like we did with Paola. I really do love the people I teach here. They mean so much to me. I love my Chilenos :) Even if they are sketchy hospitals. hahahaha! 

So when a dog bites you, just remember, WORK WORK WORK!!! :) 

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham


"Cooking for the 18th"


"This weird Chilean dessert.....this wheat stuff with a peach. Really good though."

"The sunsets here are amazing!"

"Me and Hermana Lozano with our old zone leader, Elder Reynolds. He is now the Assistant to the President."


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