Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Vaca Santa"

VACA SANTA. That is all I have to say. We found out something very awesome about Edith this week. Her boyfriend is...... A MEMBER! Ya. He is totally a member. He was baptized when he was a teenager, but now is just really inactive. He works in Santiago so is only home every other weekend and this last weekend, well a week ago weekend, he told her he was baptized. And then told her EVERYTHING about the church. The Word of Wisdom, the sacrament, temples, Priesthood, everything! It was so cool to see her talk about what he told her. But, she had never known he was a member and they have been together for about 15 years. So she was a little shocked to hear that, but at the same time really happy. It kind of confirmed her testimony of our message. So Edith es muy bien! She is progressing very well :) I love her so much!

Besides that, we had a pretty great week. Oh we had a lesson yesterday that was AWESOME! We were just knocking doors with Roberto Carlos, a member, and we felt the impression to knock a certain door. So we did and the guy, Jaime, let us come right in. We just talked and got to know him. Then his wife came into the room with their one year old son. He was so cute :) And we got to know them more. They are very young and kind of struggle a little bit getting by. We asked them what theyre greatest desire in life is and that is to provide for their son. They had a bunch of bible quotes around their house so we know that they do believe in God and are Christians. They dont really attend any church though. They asked a lot of questions about where we go after this life. We think maybe they had a loved one pass away recently. But they were so interested in what we had to say and asked for us to come back on Friday or Saturday. So yay!!! It truly was inspired. 

Besides that, I am just living the missionary dream in Chile. We had Stake Conference this weekend and President Bluth and Hermana Bluth came. Man. I love them so much :) The whole conference was about members and missionaries working together. WOOOO!!!! Go missionaries :) But it was so good to meet all the members in this stake. More than half of them are converts. It was crazy to see that so many here in Chile are converts. That makes me have so much faith when I teach others. 

The Spanish is coming along! I felt soooo much better this week! I actually taught more than 10 minutes in a lesson. It was incredible. I can truly feel the spirit work through me when I teach. 

Well folks. Thats all I really have this week. Remember though, that every member is a missionary. You dont need a nametag to share the gospel with others. The gospel is for EVERYONE. Remember that this week :) LOVE YOU ALL!

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham

"My study wall"

"They still make Trix....shaped like fruit."

"Thanks for the Dr. Pepper Mom!"

"Me and Nathalia.......love her!"

"Making pajaritos"

"Cooking for the branch activity last week."


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