Monday, September 15, 2014



This week was about 1409124129830124701234 times better than last! Just because we had so many miracles happen! :) 

We have an investigator, Edith. Oh Edith. I LOVE HER! She is just the bomb. She is about 37 and has 2 sons. Her husband works in Santiago, but she lives here in Curacautin with her 1 son and the other at college in Concepción. We have been teaching her for about 4 weeks now with little progression. She is praying and reading the Book of Mormon, but not attending church and she smokes a lot. We have prayed like crazy for her, because we just feel so good about Edith. She is renting her house, but wants a house of her own. She told us this a few weeks ago. We promised that if she prayed and tried her hardest, she would be able to find a house of her own. 

On Wednesday, we went to go visit her, but she wasnt home. Then about 10 minutes later we ran into her on the street! MIRACLE! She told us that she got a house! MIRACLE! And when she got that news, all she could think about was us. It was so cool. She just had a new light about her. I could see that she was so happy and literally had a new light in her. SO COOL. 

We taught her on Friday and asked her to come to church and she accepted right away!!! She has refused about 2 times in the past. MIRACLE! And so she and her 14 year old son came to church. I know she loved it and the members were so sweet and inviting to her! I loved it :) I love Edith! And she told us at the end she didnt bring her cigarettes, which is huge for her!!!  I am so happy!

This week was just good! And this one will be good too because it is almost independence day for CHILE! WOOOOOO!!!!! :) Lots of Chile flags, good food, people, music, and FOOD! We made pajaritos with Maria Cristinas family. And now, not actual birds. Its like cinnamon rolls. No clue why they call them pajaritos though. Its strange. Hahahahaha! Oh Chilenos and theyre made up words. Today we have a party with the branch! EMPANDAS! Wooooo! I love Chile and the yummy chocolate. 

This morning me and Hermana Lozano went running. I thought I was going to die. But we need to because we both eat so much chocolate! Hahahaha the life of a missionary. Gaining weight and preaching the Gospel. Thats my life now :) 

Have a good week everyone! And remember, PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! :) LOVE YA!

-Hermana Burnham


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