Monday, September 22, 2014

"A Little Piece of Home"

I am living in Round Valley people!!!! First, the weather can never decide what it wants. Hahahaha! One day, it is blazing hot. The next, freezing cold. The next, it´s raining. And then today, we have hot and rain. Goodness gracious. Decide Chile!!!

Second, dogs. DOGS EVERYWHERE! I feel like I am going to get a dog bite anyday now. Yesterday, jajajajaja, Hermana Lozano stepped in dog poop. It was so funny! Me and Nathalia were laughing so hard. Then all the dogs in the neighborhood, about 15, started barking. ALL OF THEM! And Hermana Lozano was scrapping the dog poop off then 2 dogs tried attacking us. It was so funny. We just had to laugh about it all. Because, what else can we do?

Independence day was sooo quiet here in Curacautin! I think everyone died for 2 days. The celebrations happen 2 weeks before the 18th actually. It was not fun to have a ton of loud speakers right across the street from our apartment and then fiestas that lasted all night. Goodness Chile. 

Our investigador, Edith is doing pretty good. She didnt go to church yesterday, but seriously. Who did? We only have 24 people in church and 4 were just visiting for the holiday. She is trying to give up smoking and doing pretty good! She has started to smoke less and less! YAY! I am so proud of her :) We also have Monica! She is doing good too! She is 27 and took the lessons before but never really committed. But after, in about June, she quit smoking and everything! She was going to go to church yesterday, but didnt because she stayed up til 5am with Nathalia! Tsk tsk Nathalia! 

Anyway, besides that, we didn't get any new investigators this week :( A little sad, but that just means we can work harder this week! Thanks for all the prayers everyone! I can really feel them everyday! I love you all so much :) Chile is treating me good. Besides the dogs that want to kill me. Today is my 2nd transfer! WHA!?!?! So weird. Of course, I am staying in Curacautin for another 6 weeks :) Yay!!!I love this small town :) 

Well, everyone! Have a great week! Make sure to read your scriptures and do the little things! Little things can become big things!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham


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