Monday, October 13, 2014

"In the Right Place at the Right Time"

This week was for sure AMAZING!!! We had some really cool things happen and it just made me realize that the mission will always be up and down, up and down. Good news, no more dog bites :)
This week, me and Hermana Lozano were knocking some doors because 2 of our appointments fell through. We were knocking one house when I looked down the street and saw a young lady, like 20 something, pushing the most ADORABLE little handicap boy in a wheelchair. I instantly got the thought, go visit her. NOW! So I waited for her to get into her house and I told Hermana Lozano that we needed to visit her. We knocked on her door and she let us right in! That is so amazing when that happens :) Her name is Pilar and Luchito is the little boy in the wheelchair, her newphew. We just talked for a bit and then her boyfriend and brother came into the house, Jaime and Cristian. They were all so nice! And she also gave us a big glass of Coca Cola (Ya mom. I LOVE Coca Cola now!) They were so sweet though. We just got to know them and committed them to read the pamplet from the first lesson. We visited them again yesterday and Jaime read the ENTIRE pamphlet. That is so amazing when people do that! Pilar read some, but not all. They were so into the lesson yesterday though. It was cool. Jaime had some doubts about the Book of Mormon so we focused on that a lot. And we also gave them both a Book of Mormon to read. I am so excited to teach them again on Thursday!!! And of course, Lichito is the spirit in those lessons. I love him so much.

Another thing that happened this week was a huge intercambio with all the Hermanas in my zone and another zone. So I had Hermana Maldonado from Mexico for a day with me in Curacautin. Not going to lie, I was TERRIFIED to be in Curacautin without Hermana Lozano. But we did good and taught 3 new people in just one day. We also ran into a really nice guy, Dagoberto. He is from Argentina, but lives right outside Curacautin. We invited him to church and he CAME TO CHURCH PEOPLE!!! Ya. That was so cool. He stayed for the first 2 hours then had to catch his bus back home. But we taught him lesson one and he accepted a baptismal date for November 8th. WOAH!
With all of this though, I have realized that we were always in the right place at the right time. With Pilar and Jaime, we had 2 appointments fail, but we continued to just knock doors and I am so glad that I followed the spirit when it told me to visit her. Then with Dagoberto, I was with Hermana Maldonado and we were helping a lady with her groceries. We walked her to her house in a totally different neighborhood than what we wanted and that is how we met Dagoberto. Its crazy that the Lord knows exactly where to place us and when. I know we ran into Dagoberto for a reason. He is so ready! Ahhh the Lord is amazing!!!!
Besides that, everything in Chile is good. I love spring time in Chile! There are just fields and fields of all yellow flowers when we drive to Victoria. Its BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it. And its not freazing cold or too hot. Just right :)
Well folks, that is all I have today. Follow the Spirit, because you never know what could happen :) Love you all!!!

Hermana Burnham

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