Monday, October 12, 2015

Santa Juana Pics

Just pictures this week!

"Arm wrestling with Hermano Jorge......he won!"

"Our view outside our back window"

"Happy Birthday Hayden"

"Happy Birthday Abby"

"General Conference - The English Room!"

"Hermana Anunciacao saying good-bye to Santa Juana" :(

"My Peruanas!!!!!! I love Hermana Matias and Hermana Antay. Hermana Antay went to Temuco right after I left."

"Hermana Castaneda was just dying to take my picture in front of this pink wall. So we did!" :) :) :)


"My new companion.....Hermana Castaneda"

"The guinea pig peed on my companion"

"My last Zone"

"Let God Illuminate Your Life"


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