Monday, November 3, 2014

"Day of the Dead"

Halloween in Chile man. ¡NO ME GUSTA! Hahahaha! It is so different here. Well, first off. Chile has the day of the dead thing here. So on the 1st and 2nd of November everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, goes to the cemetery and they decorate their familes/friends graves. Hahahaha! Dad the head stones here are so weird. I will take a picture some other time and send it to you. It's actually kind of like the ones in the pictures Holly sent. But ya! So we spent 3 hours in the cemetery talking about the plan of salvation. That was fun! Hahaha not really. I was being sarcastic. None of the people wanted to talk to us or they were all from out of town, so it was kind of hard to have success. But we did talk with 2 different ladies and they accepted right away for us to visit them in their homes. So fingers crossed that we can go visit them! :) But Halloween in the night. Oh my gosh. They were teaching throwing eggs at random people in the street (and I prayed my little heart out that I wouldn't get hit by one. Thank goodness I didn't) then a church here is totally against Halloween and sang weird hymns on the side of the road, and no ONE answered their door for us because they thought we were trick or treaters, and almost everyone had family over so we couldn't visit with them. It was crazy. The missionary handbook is TOTALLY lying when it says holidays are better for teaching. ¿A DONDE? 

Anyway, today I found out that I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. It is actaully something that never really happens in the mission. I will be getting an American companion who has the same time as me in the mission. So I am just a little bit nervous. Okay. I am VERY nervous. It scares me to leave my mission mom, Hermana Lozano. She has been the best mission mom I could have asked for. She is so much like Christ. I don't want to say goodbye to her because I know there will be tears. There were already tears this morning when our district leader told us our cambios! But I can do it. I will have to wait in Victoria for 5 hours though in the bus station for my new companion and with about 4 elders. That won't be awkward AT ALL:........

Anyway, this week was good! We taught a lot of new people and contacted a  LOT this week. Curacautin is kind of hard to work in because it is such a small city and I feel as if we have knocked every door in Curacautin. But it is good. Little miracles happen to where I know that we still have more doors to knock and more people to meet. I was reading a talk this week form Elder Cornbridge and something really stuck out to me. It was so cool. Its a quote from him and he said, "Life is hard. Not the Gospel". How simple but yet so awesome! Ya. Life is beyond difficult, but the gospel is not. All that we are asked to do is follow Jesus Christ. That is it. It was really cool to read that. Life is hard and that is why we need the Gospel. 

Also, I was supposed to teach the Principles of the Gospel class this week, but we didn't have it because none of our investigators came to church and none of the recent converts either. Ya. That was stinky. But I learned so much from preparing this lesson. It was about repentence. One thing in the manual that really stuck out to me is that every morning we should wake up and ask ourselves, do I have the spirit with me? And then strive all day to keep the spirit with us. And at night, we need to repent of all the mistakes we made that day. And also, to repent everyday. EVERYDAY? Ya that was so different for me to read, but it makes sense. We are all human and we all make mistakes everyday. That's why the Atonement is so vital for us. Without it, we can't become perfect or be forgiven. 

I am so grateful for the Atonement and what Jesus did for me. I know he suffered for all of us individually and He did because He loves us all so much. We knew him before this life and we will see Him again after this life. I know that is true. 


Con amor, 
Hermana Burnham

"Our last Sunday together. I am going to miss Hermana Lozano so much!"


"Eduardo's birthday.....14 never looked so good!"

"TORTA! Me encanta torta :)"

"Elder Contrerras pranked us with a fake cambio. I was in the shower and Hermana Lozano yelled at me to get out because Elder Contrerras was calling for cambios What a turkey! I got the floor all wet for a prank call!"


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