Monday, November 24, 2014

"Happy Thanksgiving"


So this week was so good, and yet we didn't even have the greatest of numbers. But that is okay, because it was still super good. We had our 12 week interviews with Presidente Bluth and Hermana Bluth. And I just stinkin' love their guts! They are seriously so amazing. And Hermana Bluth made homemade chocolate chip cookies, so how can you go wrong with that!?!? It was eating home. I miss my mom's cookin' and just every other food from America!

Anyway, the interviews were super good. I chose to do my interview with Presidente Bluth in Spanish and it was super fun! He has a super thick Mexican accent though and it was fun to hear the difference in our accents. He told me at the end mine was a little Chilean. Not a lot, but a little. That was so cool to hear because that is my goal! To sound like a Chilean!!! :) But it was good. We talked about my investigators and then with Hermana Bluth all about how we don't have warm showers and my fleas. That is always fun! Who knew that rubbing dryer sheets on your mattress would get rid of fleas? Whatever works man. Whatever works. 

So this week we had some awesome lessons. But NONE of our investigators came to stinkin' church. What is the problem? We teach and they commit and they read and pray, but don't come to church. We even have a member that they know to be their friend in church. But honestly, in the end. They have their agency. If we do all of our part, then we didn't do anything bad. I am sad about them not coming, but then we did all that we could. And we will still keep doing it until they come! I know they will come. It is just patience that we need. Hahahahaha! 

But I really learned that numbers are not of value. Presidente Bluth told us that ya, that's how we keep record, but that these numbers are souls. Sons and daughters of God and that we need to remember that. Ya I REALLY want a baptism, but I also need to remember that maybe, its just not some peoples time yet. And that is OKAY. As long as I do my part, the Lord will help and they will do their part. I really do love my investigators. They are the best. Katya is just super cute and has been prepared from missionaries 30 years ago in her life. You just never know what seed you are planting. It is so incredible to see those seeds grow. 

Well, everyone. another week just flew by and I still can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. And my 5 month mark. CRAZY! It's almost here. I love the mission! It is the I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham

"Just yelling over the Andes to Charly"

"When it rains the snails come out"

"Chasing a turkey!"

"Happy Thanksgiving from Hermana Rimmasch and Hermana Burnham"


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