Tuesday, December 2, 2014

"I Just Love Being a Missionary!"

Hello everybody! This week was great! Well, because we went to the waterfall today!!! It was so pretty :) Even if I was a sinner and fell into the water. Only up to my calf though! It was a close one. Only I would fall in. But it was good. Hot and sunburned and spiders. So great!

We had a great week. On Saturday a TON of our appointments fell. It was annoying but me and Hermana Rimmasch had a feeling to try with Ramon. So we did and he ANSWERED! It was good. We only talked outside his house again, but he is the sweetest. He was like, thank you for not forgetting about me. I really appreciate that. We committed him to church, but he didn't come. But ya know, he has his agency and we are doing all that we can to get him to progress. It's still the tithing that is holding him back. Poor guy. He just needs to do it! I know he can!!!!

Remember Judith? The one who asked if we live with the elders? She is our FAVORITE! I love her. We taught her the law of chastity a few weeks ago and of course it was a bit awkward, but it was good too. We had her right after Ramon and we weren't even planning on visiting her that day. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. There is a reason for everything. We talked a lot about the law of chastity again and she told us how much she loves it! She was saying she really likes it because it just makes sense. But she was also saying how sad she is that she is breaking it right now by living with her boyfriend. We asked her if she wants to get married to him and she told us no. That she doesn't trust him at all because he has cheated on her a lot. And so we kindly told her that now she knows the commandment. And now it's time for her to decide to leave him. It is sad. She really wants to leave him but it is so hard, especially with kids involved. We pray for her so much to have the strength. We haven't had any baptisms, but I know that we have come here to Curacautin in this time to help Judtih. She is seriously the best! I love her so much and I know I can't do more than teach and be her friend, but I have seen a light come to her since I have met her. It is amazing what the gospel can do. I pray everyday that she will have the courage to make this change in her life. 

And Katya! She seriously avoided us for a whole week and we were so sad and then we saw her yesterday in the street! We were creepers and followed her to the bus station and met her husand for the first time. We are pretty sure she has avoided us because the husband doesn't like us. But he left yesterday for the north to work and we have an appointment with her on Wednesday. So we will be asking. We seem to get all the investigators who have husbands or boyfriends who dont like us. Whatever. We can do it!!!!

I just love being a missionary!!! :) This life is the best. Its hard and my feet hurt a lot, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love this life. Hermana Rimmasch is the bomb too. She is super cool. I love her a whole lot. And Spanish is fantastic. Even if I can't understand everything still. It is so fun to speak it! :) 

Well everyone! Make sure to follow the spirit a whole lot and never postpone a prompting. You never know what can come of it :)

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham

"Pizza for Thanksgiving."

"Our youth activity and playing 4 corners."


"Gloria.....she is 13 and wants to be baptized, but her parents won't let her. We are working on that!"


"Yoseli.....Gloria's friend"


"The Primary program snacks. It was sooooooo cute!!"



"We totally rode on a tractor on the highway!" "Whaddup?"


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