Monday, February 23, 2015

"Enjoy 'In The Moments'"

Wow! I havent written for about 2 weeks. Sorry everyone.
So this has been a CRAZY few weeks. A lot as happened. We found a lot of people and my investigator, Maria Jesus is progressing so much! She went to church yesterday and all of the talks and clases were awesome. I was soooo happy and grateful for that. We have been reading the Book of Mormon a lot with her and her kids. Her husband is always working and so that is a bummer. She really loves the Book of Mormon more and more each day. We talked to our ward missionary leader a few weeks ago and he said that a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon BEFORE baptism is so important. She read about Lehi's dream on her own Saturday and in church she talked to all the members about it. She is just the best :) 

We found these 2 girls, twins actually, just knocking doors. Karen and Norma. SUPER CUTE! They are 24 and live with their boyfriends Daniel and Alejandro. We met Daniel, but not Alejandro. They are all so sweet and are so interested! Actually, Karen and Norma took the missionary lessons about 3 years ago and they really do remember a lot! I can see the seeds of other missionaries :) And Daniel went to a baptism about 8 years ago. They all are so good and really want to learn more. Daniel had a lot of questions for us!!! 

Besides that, I am just doing the day to day routine of a missionary. Work work work work! I talked with Hermana Rimmasch last night and she told me Ramon is doing great. He gave his first talk in church and was so nervous! Hahaha was a cutie! Sure love that man :) And that he is getting so far in the Book of Mormon! 

Well everyone, enjoy in the moments! Sometimes, I get too stressed that I forget to focus on the fun parts of this life I have right now. Focus on the fun and everything will be okay :) 

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham

"Creepy Dog!!!"

"SYKES.....they have your last name name as graffiti here!"

"Maria Jesus and her family"


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