Monday, March 9, 2015

"Workin' hard in Chile"

Yes folks. A volcano about 1.5 hours away from me exploded this week! It was all over the news and EVERYONE was talking about it. It was great. One of the members, Hermana Sandra, her sister lives in Villarica, where the volcano is, and she had to evacuate and helped the missionaries there evacuate. The missionaries from the mission Osorno. It was crazy and cool. I loved seeing that everyone in their house had the news on and it was a video of the exploding volcano. Super cool. 
Besides exploding volcanoes, today is TRANSFERS! I am staying with Hermana Matias in Cuatin Temuco :) No transfer for me or the other sisters in our house, Hermana Wrathall and Hermana Sanchez. We are all staying. I was happy to stay because we have some awesome investigators and I think I couldn't have said bye to them just yet or the members of the ward. I hope I have another transfer here in Temuco. Fingers crossed.
Yesterday our investigator, Melissa, came to church with us!!! We were looking for a less active member and knocked her door thinking he lived there, but Melissa answered and let us right in. She is 20 years old and doesnt work or go to college right now. She is the bomb! We all instantly became best friends and laugh more than we teach. She has so many good questions about the gospel and said she has always been looking to find the true church. I just want to shake her and say, WE HAVE THAT! But I didn't. She wants to be baptized, but she smokes. Not A TON, but ya. She smokes. She told us all that she wants to quit, but needs help. The church has a little program and we have part of it in the house so we are going to use it to help her :) We laughed so much together on Sunday because just about everything that could have gone wrong with an investigator in the church, went wrong. Talks about excommunication. Great, huh? But she is super cool. We walked to the bus drop off with her and just laughed. I could see us being great friends forever :) 
Maria Jesus is kind of struggling. Just not coming to church and reading other things. Its a bit hard, but I know she will progress. We just need to be patient.
Well everyone! Have a great week! And CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY AND DEVON!!!!
Con amor,
Hermana Burnham


"This was my last zone.....pretty cool peeps!"

"Me with little Josefa."

"We had a fun day taking pictures."

"Maria Jesus"

"My awesome tan lines....Be Jealous!"

"Chinese food in Chile!"

"We hiked a mountain today."

"I cut off my hair."

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