Monday, May 25, 2015

"Priesthood Power"

Sorry folks!! I have been so bad at writing these last few weeks!!! I know. I am the worst missionay :) Hahahahaha! But my oh my! It has been a week! 

I don't know where to start really. It was a really rough week but the best week also. I just really realized how much Satan does work on us. Me and my companion get along really well, but this week no. We had a really hard time being patient and got on each others nerves a lot this week. It was bad. And well, my companion is going through some stuff right now, but it was a rough week. We had a lesson with a few members and it ended up with one yelling at us because we didn't accept a ride from him without a sister member in the car too. He got really mad and told us that we didn't represent Jesus Christ and that we were too strict with the mission rules. Ya THAT was fun. Then we had an AWESOME investigator drop us. It was just that whatever could have happened, happened. 

Then on Sunday the district president and his first counselor saw us in church and noticed that something was wrong. So they pulled us aside and we talked it out. In other words, we  bauled our eyes out. Hahahaha! But after, they both gave us priesthood blessings. This was my first priesthood blessing in Spanish and wow. I can honestly say that I understood everything and that I felt just the same. It is amazing. I know that this blessing wasn't from this man, but from God. He worked as an instrument in God's hands and said everything I needed to hear. 

Then in the night, one of the assistants to the president called. He called because he felt that he needed to and shared the most inspiring scripture with us. He said everything almost exactly as what the district president said to us and the branch president. It was awesome and all so inspired. I still can't believe that this elder called only because he felt that little impression. 

It's weeks like these that I realize just how important we are all to God. He hasn't forgotten us and I know He will never forget us. I love the stars here in Victoria. They make me remember that I am SO important to God and that now is my time to help others see that. Being a successful mIssionary is helping others see that potential. I love my calling :) This elder that called, shared a scripture from D&C 81:5-6. You need to read it too :) 

I know that the Priesthood is on the earth. It's the same power from God here in Chile and there in my home. I am so grateful for the worthy Priesthood holders in my life. I also realized just how strong Satan will work to tear people and relationships apart. He did that this week with me and my companion. We saw it but we know that he has no power over us. We need to always keep up our guard up and not let him get to us. We have so much more power :) 

It's also been a bit rough because I recieved a little bit of trunky news. I know my return date :(((( December 15th is my date to come home. It made me REALLY REALLY REALLY sad. That I kind of had a little break down to our branch president here. Him and his wife are both so sweet and helped me see that I still have a lot of time. That I need to keep working and improving and seeing what a successful missionary does. I read about it in Preach my Gospel in chapter one. A successful missionary is what I am trying to become :) Then I will become a successful person after the mission too. 

Well, I love you all a whole lot. Thanks for the love and prayers! :) 

Hermana Burnham

"Chillin' with investigators and cooking Peru food for Family Home Evening."

"Camila! She is going to Mexico for her mission."

"Recognize this guy? He served in the same mission as the Branch President here in my ward."



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