Monday, June 15, 2015

"A Representative of Christ"

Sorry everyone, but this week I don't have a lot of time to write, But this past week was really good
with my companion :) We found new people and have a lot of potential here in little Victoria :) 

This week, I really have noticed a lot more how great my calling is. I am here on the Lord's time and preaching His gospel to His children. I honestly can't imagine my life without the blessing of serving a mission for the Lord. It's so amazing how much I have learned and what I am going to do to live always as a representative of Christ. 

I hope you all are well and reading your scriptures. Thanks for the love and support :) 

Hermana Burnham

"Look what we found. PUPPIES!! And yes, they are living under our house!"


"Herman Luis moved to the north of Chile. He was baptized back in October and is the best member ever!"

"Hermana you know what this graffiti means? hahahaha so great!!" :)

"Our dishes!! We are so lazy to clean the dishes."

"Javiera and her little brother"

"Repent and Come Unto Christ"


"Celebrating Hermana Guzman's birthday with sopapillas" :)

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