Monday, June 8, 2015

"An Instrument in the Lord's Hands"

So this week I got my new companion! She is Hermana Guzman :) She is really cute! She has about 6 months in the mission.

So this week, I have really realized what it means to be an instrument in the Lord's hands. We had a good week and the thing is, we didn't meet any new investigators. So about 2 weeks ago, I had an intercambio with the sister training leaders. Me and Hermana Robinson found the most awesome lady EVER! Her name is Gladys. We just knocked her door in the pouring rain and she let us right in. She is about 45 years old and she told us that for about 3 days before this, she had been praying for God to send her a sign that he is there listening to her. Then we knocked her door. It was really cool because I have passed this house millions of times here in Victoria and never knocked it. Then in the lesson she told us she is passing through some hard times and needs God more in her life. I told her that's why we came to her house. 

After that, me and Hermana Guzman had a hard time seeing her again. We knocked her door about 5 times and she wasn't home. Then on Saturday, we didn't have her in our plans and Hermana Guzman said, Hey! Lets try with Gladys! So we did and she let us in. She had her coat on and her purse. She looked really sad and said she was just about to leave to go to an Evangelica church to hear about God. She needed to hear something about God and then we passed by in the exact moment. We sat down and I asked her what happened. She started to cry. Just crying and I felt the need to just hug her. So I did! Hahaha I got up and me and Hermana Guzman just hugged her for a good 10 minutes. She is going through a lot right now. We talked a lot about the Atonement of Christ and how this can help and that God has sent us to her to help her find happiness in her life. She is so cute. She promised to come to church the next day and did. And she loved it! This testimony meeting was the best testimony meeting of my life! And she became instant friends with Maria Jose. The branch presidents wife. It was just a good Sunday in all! 

Later yesterday we had a leadership meeting with some members from the branch. This branch truly is amazing. They talked about keeping the sabbath day holy. Lots of the members here leave after sacrament meeting and they talked about how that is not keeping the sabbath day holy. Ya, we don't buy things on Sunday and other things, but if we leave right after sacrament meeting, we have broken the sabbath day. It was an intense meeting that really struck me and made me think about what kind of person I want to be in the mission and when I get home. It was such a good day :) 

I have just really realized that I am not here for my own good or working for myself, but I am an instrument in the Lord's hands. He is using me to help his other children and I love it! I want to always be His instrument and help others come unto Him. I have never experienced such joy as I do when I am His instrument and when others can feel His love through me. This really is His work. 

se disfruten su semana :) 

Hermana Burnham

"Hanging out with the Villagran family."

"Hermana Mendoza's last day in Victoria."

"Hermana Guzman!"

"It's getting so cold here."

"But, it's really pretty!"

"Two members from our branch came and cut our wood :) We are going to have a nice little warm house now!"


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