Monday, September 21, 2015


Well, long story short. I have conjunctivitis, or in other words, pink eye. Yes! PINK EYE! I sure got super annoyed on Saturday and thought, gosh. Why do I always have to be sick in my mission? I think it's just a way for Satan to stop the work. But he won't get to me!

So we couldn't go to church yesterday because of my pink eye, but we did have Moira who went! She is a new investigator that is awesome! She is 19 and lives alone with her little daughter. Moira is super funny and awesome!  I loved teaching her! I can see that she is going to be a member in the church! :) 

Katherin didn't go to church yesterday and I think it's because we weren't there, so we are going to work with her more on that this week. She is too good, but has given up a lot in her life to join the church. The sacfrices other people make for the gospel still amazes me. 

I sure love being a missionary, even when I am super sick and super tired. I love it! Hahaha and I know that the mission goes by way too fast, so I gotta enjoy it! ) Thanks for all the love and support! 

Hermana Burnham

"Hanging out with Julieta" :)

"Where we write on P-day"

"Happy Birthday Hannah....sorry I am late!"

"ICE CREAM!!!!!"

"Doing a disco grill. Super good."

"Coco wanted my food."

"Hermano Jorge as a youngin'!"

"Oh hey....let me just park my oxen out front!!" :)

"CHORILLANA! The best Chileno dish ever!"

"Family Home Evening got crazy with drawing on faces!"

"18 other words, Meat! Meat! Meat!"

"Dancing the Queca"

"Taking in the beautiful scenery of Santa Juana"

"Walking to the lake with Katherin" :) :) :)

"The reason we all get fat the week of September 18th. ALFAJORES!"


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