Thursday, September 17, 2015


Here are Hermana Burnham's last 2 letters.......and an extra letting us know she is ok from the earthquake.

So let me start with the beginning. I HAVE LICE. Yes. That really did just happen. It's awful. Our investigator, Katherin, her kids have it so now I HAVE it. It's awful and I feel like a little monkey when my companion has to dig through my hair to take out these little creatures. So I will be buying a $20 shampoo this week. Yay!

And fleas. I broke out in FLEAS again this week. Tons of them! All over my legs, arms, hands, chest, back. Me and Hermana Anunciaco. We are flea infested human beings. Hahahahaha! 

Anddddd I HAD MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE. I may or may not have freaked out a little. It was a 4 and happened at 11am on Thursday. I was with Hermana Arce in an intercambio when the house just startd shaking. It was perfect timing. We were talking about some deep doctrine, then I said, "Okay there's a part here in the Bible that is super deep and it says...." Then, the earthquake passed. I stared at Hermana Arce and she stared at me and said, "temblor". Which is earthquake. She is from Costa Rica and has her bachelors in Archeaology, so she literally studies earthquakes. Hahaha! I jumped up and ran to underneath the door and she looked at me like I was crazy. It only lasted about 10 seconds. Maybe less. But ya! That was super fun! 

Yesterday I got super upset. We had no investigators in the church! None. We are working super hard, challenging people to be baptized every lesson, teaching, having a little bit more members to be with us in the day, and other things. Why is it so hard to get people to church? Then after weekly planning, which was basically us being upset and sad, we got in with the most amazing family ever. Natalia and her sweet 4 kids. She is Katherin's neighbor and actually, Katherin told her that she should listen to us too. That we have a great message to share. We taught her and her 4 kids. Natalia and her 2 oldest accepted to be baptized on October 2nd

The mission truly is awesome :) I love it even when it gets rough. But I know its the work of the Lord! 

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham
So if there is something that I have learned this week, is to be a GOOD member in church when there are non members there! It's not necessary to talk about deep gospel, but the basics. Because if you talk about deep gospel, the investigator will get scared and be super confused. So be simple people! 

Another thing I have learned, is the importance of paying your tithing. Yesterday in Gospel Principles, we had a lesson on tithing and fasting. These 2 things are so important. 

Did you know that tithing was a law in the old testament? YES! It's in Malaquias 8:10 (sorry I forgot how to write these names in English!). So it's nothing new. For tithing, we pay 10% of our income. Actually, in Spanish the word for tithing is diezmo and the word for ten is diez. So... diezmo. Hahaha cool huh? But, we need to pay 10% of everything that we make. It doesn't matter if we make very little, what matters is that we pay. God isn't going to look at our tithing and say, "You sure didn't pay that much.". No. He is going to see if we were honest and paid the 10%. Imagine if everyone stopped paying tithing right now. We wouldn't have light or water in our buildings. We wouldn't have houses for missionaries. We wouldn't have books. We wouldn't be able to build more temples. Every persons tithing is important! Everyones.  I hope you all pay an honest tithing. It's hard, and I know it's not ever going to be super easy, but it's worth it. 

Sorry for the short letter today, but I hope it helped someone in some way :) Thanks for the love and support!!

Hermana Burnham
Hey familia! Okay so I am not a rebel, but we were asked to write home to our families today to let them know that we are okay.

Yesterday an earthquake passed for a big part of Chile, Bolivia, and Uruguay. We for sure felt the earthquake at about 8pm but it wasn't that strong and we were in the house where we have church. Then another little earthquake passed right after. But it was super calm! Then in the night at about 10:30 our district leader called and told us to go to our church for emergencies, which is in Concepcion! That's about an hour away. It was quite a scary phone call to say the least because this elder was breathing so hard because he is in an area right on the coast and there were tsunami warnings. So it was a bit scary to say the least. So me and Hermana Anunciacao jumped up and put together super fast an emergency kit with food and clothes ready to leave to Concepcion. Then we called Hermana Bluth to just make sure and she told us not to leave because the drive to Concepcion from Santa Juana is SUPER dangerous in an earthquake. So we just went to bed. Honestly, we didn't sleep at all but all it's okay!!! I am fine and actually it made me realize just how much the Church is true. Yesterday we had zone conference and Hermana and Presidente Bluth felt very inspired to teach us what we need to do in emergencies. Especially earthquakes and tsunamis. So all yesterday we talked about what we need to do in emergencies, and then in the night, one happened. 

Honestly, my mind is traveling a thousand miles an hour right now, but I know that this church is true. That Hermana and Presidente Bluth followed that little prompting that helped other missionaries be safe. Some slept in the church last night. And that the Lord always has us build the church's that are safe during natural disasters. All is well, and I know that all will continue to be well.

So dont worry, all is well with me :) 

Hermana Burnham

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