Monday, August 31, 2015

"Read, Pray, Attend"

This week I was thinking really hard about the things I have seen in my mission. Being a missionary isn't easy, but I love it. Sometimes things happen not only here, but in my home. That make me sad or happy. This time in my life is FULL of different emotions and I was thinking really hard today about why sometimes we let go of the iron rod. Here in our mission, we teach our investigators. These are the 3 things.


Read every single day from the scriptures. I can't even begin to explain the huge difference this will make in your life. Your eyes open up to so much more and the spirit will speak to us more clearly. 

Pray every morning and every night. This is a huge one. Can you imagine being a parent and your kid never talked to you? Just left voice mails every night? We shouldn't do that with our Heavenly Father. He wants to hear from us. Every morning and every night, and more. 

Attend church every Sunday for the 3 hours. Not just 1 or 2. But 3. There is something we need to hear or learn in every class on Sunday. And the sacrament is SO IMPORTANT that we need and must take it every Sunday. If we don't, we are not repenting. Repentance is not complete without the sacrament. 

I hope and pray for you guys every day. I sure love you all and want you to be doing these little things every day. If not, Satan drives us away and then we let go of the iron rod. It's not worth it folks. Not worth it at all. Who cares what those people think in the great and spacious building? What matters is that we do what God wants us to do. I know that doing these 3 things will change our lives for the better and that we will hold firm to the iron rod. I know it because I have seen it in my own life. Love you all!

Hermana Burnham

"Our investigators little boy, Eduardo, fell asleep during the lesson! Hahahaha :)

"Teaching the gospel to our friendly neighbors.......VACAS!"

"These are called camarones. They are like lobsters but from the ground, not the ocean. Our investigator gave us a huge bag full the other night. They are super delicious!!"


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