Monday, August 24, 2015


This week was so good and we have transfers.... I am staying with HERMANA ANUNCIACAO! I love my little Brasil girl and so I am alllllll good with this transfer :)

This week we found some awesome YSA guys that are soooo awesome. I don't know what happened to Diego but he is kind of off the face of the planet right now :( Which makes me sad, but we will never leave him alone. Mwahahaha! And we also met Carlos who is 22 and Miguel who is 20. They are both so cool. Carlos before was a bit gangster but now he is totally normal and he said he has changed so much. That he wants to find the true church and wants to still be a better person. He is so cool. He lives super close to us and said he'll tell his old gangster friends to protect us and our house. So that will be good :) No but Carlos is super awesome. I had an intercambio with Hermana Stevenson last week and we saw two guys playing soccer and just said hi to them. One of them was Carlos. Then the day after, me and Hermana Anunciacao decided to knock a street and the first door, CARLOS. It was so cool and he even said that when he saw us in the street, felt that we would come to his house but not so soon. That was so amazing. 

Miguel is super cool too. He is 20 and studies in Concepcion and goes to Los Alamos for the weekends to see his family. But he is so interested in the message we have and we actually have to teach him inside the church. He can't take the lessons in the house where he is living. It was such a good first lesson with him that we had with him. I love all the YSA people we are finding. 

So our reading the Book of Mormon with the branch is going soooo good. A few people are behind but all the talks yesterday were about the Book of Mormon and kind of a bit strong. But really. this book is amazing. Never in my life have I treasured this book so much and I regret not seeing it as something very important in my life. I know that when I read from its pages everyday, it helps. I see the difference and I love it. 

Oh and Katharin is doing awesome. She just can never come to church with this stinkin' weather. It's making her little girl so sick :( But one day. We need SPRING! 

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham

"Chocolate Cake from Brazil for Family Home Evening" :)

"Last district meeting for this transfer."

"Cleaning a house"

"Hermana Lozano went home today. I shall go to Mexico when I get home!"

"My Crazy Zone" :)

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