Monday, August 3, 2015

"Plan of Salvation"

Hey everyone! Yes, I know it has been forever since I last wrote but I am alive! Don't worry :)

So Santa Juana is so cute. It's just like little Round Valley. It's super small, every one knows each other, and they all travel an hour to Concepcion to shop. Hahaha it's so great. I am pretty sure I will be ending my mission here in this small pueblo. But that's all good! I love this small little town :)

So this last week we have found a lot of new people to teach that I almost can't keep track of everyone. So that's a good thing! But also, it's been a bit weird because every new investigator has had someone in their family die very recently. It's weird how God has worked that way here in Santa Juana. And it's really been strengthening my own testimony of the Plan of Salvation. 

The Plan of Salvation is something so special and this awesome knoweldge that we will not be floating around in space doing nothing after this life. There is a life after this one. We will all go to the spirit world and we will all resurrect just like Christ resurrected the third day after his death. I know it, because it all makes sense and I know this is true through scripture study and prayer. The Book of Mormon testifies to me that I will for sure live again but in a perfect body. But all that I do here in this life, will be judged for where I will live for the eternity. It's so important that we do everything here so that we can live with God and Christ again. 

I know that God has this plan for us and that we will all pass this life when we need to and that God's plan is better than our plan. I know that the Plan of Salvation does exist and that the grave has no victory because we will all resurrect again. I love this plan God has for us and I am so happy when I get to teach this plan to others that don't know. It makes me so happy to see the joy in their faces knowing that they will reunite with their loved ones again! :) I love the gospel and I know this is all a plan from Him.

Hermana Burnham


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