Monday, August 17, 2015

"Judge Not"

Sorry everyone. I have been a bit lazy lately with writing and I feel bad. So no need to tell me, ya? Hahaha! 

Well, things are going pretty good here in Santa Juana with my little Brazil girl. It's such a little town that it's a bit hard to contact people because in about 2 weeks, we know everyone. Hahaha but we have been finding miracles here in Santa Juana. 

First, is Katharin. Ohhh she is so good. We had so many spiritual lessons with her this week and the last that I can't even begin to describe how cool she is. She has a bit of a rough life and really wants the gospel. She was so excited to go to church too and then her little girl got super sick again in her lungs. It's so hard here with the weather in Spring. Super, super cold in the mornings and nights, but during the day, HOT. So it's hard to not get sick here. But Katharin is progressing a lot. 

Then we met our other miracle, Diego. He is only 21 years old and is studying construction. He has soooo much desire to find the truth and has so many good questions. We gave him a Book of Mormon the first lesson and before the second time we visited, a friend of his told him some really awful things about the "mormons". She said that we make sacrifices in our temples and that the Book of Mormon is a book written by crazy people, and much more. But Diego totally defended us! Hahaha he told his friend that it's not that nice to talk about other people that way and that she doesn't know because she never tested Moroni's promise. Wow. He is so good! Diego really does inspire me because he is so happy all the time. I love it! 

Me and my comp had a really weird experience today and we have been talking about it a lot. We were on a crazy micro (the small buses) to go to Concepcion today. There was a young Father and his little girl. The little girl was throwing up the entire way to Concepcion and I felt so bad for him. He had a lot of backpacks to carry, his little girl, and also this bag of vomit. We got to his stop where the micro stops at 50 mph and barely makes time for people to leave the micro because they have to complete their route. He couldn't have his little girl in his hands because of the other things. So he had his daughter walk behind him and he waited at the bottom of the micro stairs for her to step down. The driver started yelling at him that he need to take his daughter in his hands. Because if he didn't, she would fall and the driver would have to pay a huge fee. He yelled so hard at this young dad and the little girl. Then drove off all upset and yelled and said bad words. Then started talking with the passengers and all were so mad at this young dad. I felt so sick to my stomach that someone could be so mean to someone else. A lot of the time, we judge people so quickly when we don't even know the situation. I am so guilty of that, but I am trying to get better and not judge. Especially when I don't know the full story. 

Well, folks. Sorry again for being off the face of the planet, but I live! Hahahaha! Don't forget to be like Jesus. Don't judge and always remember to help those around you! 

Hermana Burnham

"Brownies with Hermano Jorge."

"The truck for gas. It's a bit creepy."

"This wall says 'Hey Chubby. I love you!!!"

"Someone decided to break a window at the church."

"Our Branch activity. The Elder's Quorum cooked for all the women." :)

"Lunch with the Branch Presidente"

"Happy Birthday Ella!" :) :) :) :) :)

"Happy Birthday Mama!" :) :) :) :) :)

"Rainbows and crazy nights." :)

"Chocolate from Juan Antonio! Our eternal investigator" :)

"Crazy times in lunch with Hermano Jorge"

"We got to work in Concepcion and the graffiti there is the best!"

"Celebrating Hermana Anunciacaos' birthday! My cute little Brazil girl reached 20 years!!!!!!"

"The funniest dog. Hahahahaha!

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