Thursday, August 7, 2014

Off to Chile!!


Thanks for the brownies and soda mom!!!!!! My district basically loves you!!!! We all drank that delicious orange crush soda and gooey brownies. YOU DA BOMB!

Hahahahaha how are all mi amigos in the good 'ol states?? I hope you guys are all good. Things in Mexico are great, besides the super loud thunder at night and hearing gun shots! Hahahaha what can I say, its time to leave Mexico. 

Seriously though. I am ready to get on and go to Chile!!! Yesterday, my district got to be the hosts and hostesses for the newbie missionaries coming in. It was so fun! I got to check off certain things on their orientation packet and lead them to the supplies office to get all the fun Spanish books. I actually met 2 Elders going to the Scottsdale Mission! I was so excited! They told me they looked up Eagar and read all about it. Hahaha so I told them to say hi for me when they get to Eagar! It was just fun to be a hostess and think about when I first got here. I was so excited but so nervous! I get to do that all over again too in just a few days. Go from being at the top to being at the bottom. Ill be fresh meat out there!

So I leave the CCM on Monday!!! DOUBLE YAY!!! My flight is at 8:25 pm, but I leave the CCM around 4:30 pm. The first flight goes to Santiago which is an 8 and a half hour flight. So gross. I have never been on a flight that long and so I guess its just a new experience. Then we have a 3 hour lay over in Santiago and then hop on a plane to Concepción which is only an hour flight. We get to Concepción around 10am Tuesday morning. So crazy to think that I will be in Chile for that long! I cant wait!

This last week here at the CCM has been so bittersweet. Me and the Hermanas in my district became such good friends with a group of Hermanas from Mexico and they were so stinkin´ hilarious! None of them spoke English so that helped a lot! One, Hermana Nunñez, man she is crazy. Hahaha! She told us a story about an evil calabasa (pumpkin). Hahahaha she is just so funny when she talks. We asked her to make fun of our white accents and she did it perfectly. This girl. I miss her already! 

Well folks, next time I write, I´ll be in CHILE!!!! YAHOOOOOOO!!!!! I cant wait to get there and serve the people Heavenly Father has prepared for me. I firmly believe that I am going there for a reason. I love the Church! I love the Gospel! And I love my Savior! Have a great week everyone!!!

Hermana Burnham

P.S. Where are my Tenneys? I am quite upset with you 3 at the moment. I know nothing about your lives and it saddens me greatly. Please write me! And that goes for everyone! WRITE ME!

"Me with my brownies and soda......thanks MOM!"

"Yes....that is hail. Crazy weather here in Mexico!"

"Delicious Orange Crush soda and gooey brownies!"


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