Thursday, July 31, 2014

El Libro de Mormón!


Hahahahaha hey everyone! No bombs this week :) But shout to to my mom for the Krispy Kreme donuts!!! My district and I sure loved them! Also, FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MOM! 46 is treatin´you just fine girl!

Not much has happened this week to be completely honest with you guys. Yesterday it rained like crazy though!!! We were walking to Dinner and it was just sprinkling and I wanted to go grab my umbrella. but Hermana Bills was like, "Youre okay! It wont rain too hard." Well, it rained. And hailed. And flooded. Hahahahaha! So we tried to wait it out for about 10 minutes then just decided, what the heck. Hahahahaha! We probably only ran about 30 feet to the next building, but we were completely soaked!!! Everyone here was soaked. And 2 elders biffed it outside the comedor. Heheehehehe :) We all smelled like poop though in class about an hour later. 

Again, I just LOVE El Libro de Mormón! The stories are fantastic. I just read the story of Korihor and man. He was not too intelligent. Alma warned him. "Dude. You´re gonna be struck dumb if you keep askin´for signs¨. Then Korihor was all, "I do what I want!". Then guess what??? He is struck dumb! Poor guy though. The devil did have a lot of power over him. No bueno. But really though. El Libro de Mormón is the bomb!

I cant wait to leave the CCM! AHHHH! These gates are slowly killing me. I get my flight schedule on Monday too! DOUBLE YAY! Rumor has it that my flight to Santiago is about 8 hours. I guess thats the best time to study my Spanish and hand out some Book of Mormons!!! Oh before I forget, ELIZABETH CROSBY, I met your future brother-in-law, Elder Webster. Pretty cool dude. And JILL MUIRBROOK, I met your niece Hermana Muirbrook. Sweet girl :) And and St. Johns people, I met Elder Frazier. Also pretty cool dude! My world is so small here. So many Mormon connections! Anyway, sorry I dont have much, but I do have pictures!!! Yay!!! About 11 or 12 days until I am in Chile!!!!! :D

Hermana Burnham

"Thanks for the donuts mom!"

"Happy Birthday Mom"

"Happy Birthday Mom"

"The Sibs Picture"

"Shin & Munson"

"Me with Hermana McNamara and Hermana Myler. They were in our Zone and left for Texas."

"Hermana Myler also wrote our whole district sweet letters."

"The gate to the outside world and the Lego hands......we still don't know what they do."



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