Thursday, July 17, 2014



So I really dont know what to write!!! I have been thinking about this all week and my mind just keeps drawing a blank. 

So our first investigator turned out to be out next maestro! :( So upset, but actually happy? Ya I know I make no sense what so ever. But its nice because he, Hermano Muñoz, knows what we need to work on while we are teaching. 

Here at the CCM, I feel like my brain is just a big fat sponge! I have learned so much Español and I feel like I have had about 3 years in Español now. But I know that I could not speak it without the spirit here. I fully believe that the Holy Ghost can help you do anything in this life, and for me, that is speaking Español. 

We play so much volleyball as a district! Its kind of our "thing". 15D is known for our mad volleyball skills. Actually, we all really stink, but its still fun :) 

I eat way to much chips and salsa, but here in Mexico, its the REAL deal man! Such good salsa and has the perfect amount of spice :) 

I am so beyond ready to get to Chile! Even if my maestro told me just how crazy fast the Chileans speak. Jajajajajaja! I cant wait to be a crazy Español speaker. Oh and I know that Germany won the world cup! My whole district begged our maestro to tell us the score! 

On Sunday we had a devotional that was broadcasted from here and Elder Saldivar from the 70 spoke! He gave such a great talk about being an example. We all need to remember that people are constantly watching us and that being in example/representing Christ is a big deal. On Sunday, in relief society, the talk was about coming to Christ. I feel like in the few short weeks I have been on a mission, I have learned to have so much faith in my Savior. I love Jesus Christ so much and I feel Him all around me. He loves us all so much and I know that the Atonement was done for us individually. 

I know that the Gospel is true! I believe it with all my heart and I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the earth. I am so grateful to be true representative of our Savior and Redeemer. I cant wait to help others find their way back to Him and to know that He loves them so much. Pray is real and specific prayers are answered. I love you all and the support you show. Have a great week! And read DyC 18:10!

Hermana Burnham

P.S. Please keep Hermana Bills in your prayers. She just received some bad news today and needs the comfort that prayers can bring. Gracias. 

"We LOVE Pday!"

"My soul mate - Hermana Bills"


"Elder Cates lovely picture of a cow"

Hermana Buxton - distant cousin on the Burnham side

"We played volleyball in the rain"

"The look that Hermana Bills gives to the Elders walking into the cafeteria....we're basically

soul mates!"

"Hermana Bills has POO-POURRI!"


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