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So are ya ll wondering why I wrote bombdigity as my title? Well, I will tell you that story right now! :) It all started on Friday. Mi compañera takes showers in the morning and I take them at night, well Friday she wakes me up while she is soaping wet in her towel and says, the water turned off!!! Hahaha so my whole casa thought it was just our casa. So I couldnt brush my teeth, go to the bathroom (and I REALLY had to go to the bathroom) or shower. We all all just were like, we ll go to the bathrooms by the classrooms. Well we go those bathrooms and the water is off!!! The whole CCM had no water. Then we ask some random Hermanas if they know why and it was because a bomb went of right outside the CCM. Ya. A BOMB! Hahahaha welcome to Mexico! :) But our water came back on around noon and then we could flush all the toilets. It was nasty!

Anyway, this week has been great!!! I actually have been thinking about what to write in this email and the first thing that I thought of was the scriptures. I have always read the scriptures, but never really go "into" them. This last week though, I have been reading in Alma, when Ammon is cutting arms off left and right, and I have gotten SO into it!!! I began marking too and holy cow. This book is so intense! Me and 2 other elders in my district are in the same chapter and thats all we talk about. I love the Book of Mormon. I love all that I have learned from them in just this last week. I seriously everyday cant wait to get to additional study time so that I can read the rest of what happens in the story. And I actually know what is going on! I never really understood the stories, and now I do. I encourage you all to read the Book of Mormon because it is amazing with so many messages. 

Oh and I have to shout out to my brother-in-law Cameron. 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 :) And that is why we say our bodies are temples!!! Oh and I live in the same casa as Hermana Eberhard! She is so sweet! And I met Elder Webster today! He told me to tell you hi! And Hermana Bills says you look like Lassy from Psych. 

I had one really embarrassing moment in Spanish this week. Hahahaha! I was trying to say vanilla in Spanish and accidently said a female body part. In front of the whole class and my teacher goes, Hermana Bumham, thats how all the natives say my name, Dont ever say that again! Its no good! Hahahhaha! It was so funny, but I was sooo embarrassed. But at least I didnt say about 5 cuss words the other day like Elder Cates! But then last night I had a really cool experience. We taught a real investigator, who was 14. His name is Nelson and he was a super sweet kid. He asked if I would pray in English and so I was first like, saweeeet! I got this. Turns out, I didnt have it! Hahahaha! I could not, for the life of me, pray in English! I had to think about how to pray in my 1st language. Nelson kind of laughed at me! He aske if I even knew English! Hahahaha! Same goes for my testimony now. I cant do it in English. But I am no where NEAR where I need to be in my Spanish. I have improved a lot, but there is a lot more to learn. I seriously feel like a sponge here though. I know I could not do it without my Heavenly Father though. Spanish is not easy, but through prayers and faith, it is possible. I absolutely LOVE Spanish! It is definitely for me :) Even if I have mental breakdowns during tall, our computer program time, and want to through the computer. I still love it!!!

So today we went to the Mexico City temple and holy cow! It is HUGE! I loved it :) But unfortunately, we couldnt do a session because it is being worked on right now. But we got to tour the visitors center. It was just so beautiful! In such a crazy city, I felt like we were in such a small little quiet town. I could feel the spirit on those temple grounds and it felt amazing. And as we left the CCM on the bus to go there, me and Hermana Bills started sing, "Finally theyre opening up the GATES! CAUSE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER!!!!" Ya. Frozen totally fits how it feels to be trapped in the CCM. 

The other night I had something really cool happen to me. I was about to fall asleep when I just felt something wet on my face. I was just like, Woah. I didnt know I drooled that much. But then after I wiped it away each time, my face was wet again in just a few seconds. So I got my flash light and shined, shinned?, shined it on my hand and just blood. All over! So I instantly was just like, oh its a bloody nose. So I went to the bathroom to clean up and noticed it wasnt a bloody nose, but that somehow a tiny tiny poor on my nose was just gushing blood. So much! So i held pressure to it for about 5 minutes thinking it would stop and it didnt. My companion actually woke up and got me a bandaid. I put it on, still feeling how wet it was with blood, we said a prayer asking for it to stop bleeding, then went to bed. I went to bed feeling the bandaid just soaking wet with blood. No me gusta. So i thought for sure I would wake up to a tone of dry blood on my face. I wake up the next day and no dried blood. None. None on my face, none on my pillows, none on my sheets. It was so weird!!! I know it may sound dumb, but I know that little prayer helped. I dont know I started bleeding in the first place, but it was awesome how I woke up with nothing! 

One last story, so me and Hermana Bills are supa tight. She is an Hermana in my district and basically me in just another body. Whenever we see the 2nd counselor here driving his golf cart, we automatically sing, they see me rollin! They hatin! Hahahaha its just so funny! He is like a hot rod in that golf cart of his. 

Now onto my list of Spanish I have learned this week!
1. So de la capucha! = I am from the hood
2. Gata el bajo = drop the base
3. Rio de Jainero = great river
4. No le levantes = do not get up

I love you all sooooo much!!! And thanks for everything!!!! You all mean a lot to me. Read the scriptures and pray your little hearts out! :) And remember that you are loved by our Heavenly Father! 

Hermana Burnham

P.S. TIFF! Hermana Stoddard says you have nice eyebrows. I knew thatd make you happy! :)

"Everyone here has a Nacho Libre bike!"


"We decided to draw a picture of Christ....I am pretty sure I did the best. Mine is on the right, Hermana Bills is in the middle and Hermana Stoddard's is on the left."


"Riding to the temple"


"The guy on this pamphlet looks like Warren Tenney!"


"I didn't realize that Hermana Meads was lying on the floor when I took this picture.....this is where I spend about 8 hours everyday."


"My District...I Love Them!"


"Elder Sheeeeen and Elder Munson"


"Sister Bills is so cute!"


"Of course the bus just had to drive by the moment I took this picture."


"Of course Hermana Bills had to be a creeper!"


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