Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hola everyone!!! How are things in the good ol USA!?!?! Hahaha :) 
Well, here in Mexico, things are pretty dandy. I was on a flight from Phoenix to here with about 40 missionaries! So I was happy that I was not alone :) The bus ride from the airport to the CCM was beyond terrifying. I was pretty sure we were going to run someone over or hit another car. People just cut each other off like there is no tomorrow!

The food at the CCM is pretty good. There is a toast and nutella bar so not too much to complain about! Especially if I get to have that for Breakfast everyday! And beans and rice are served at every meal. I feel like I am home!!! But dont eat the Costco pizza here. It will make you sick. Good thing I have Elders who prepared for that and had drugs for me to take! 

The Spanish is going good. I dont know about 50% of what the teacher is saying. And ya. The teachers here ONLY talk in Spanish. So you either catch on or just sit there like a slug. I actually like that though. I write down the words I dont know that he says and then find them in my dictionary. Our teacher is Hermano Garza. He is a really cool guy and can talk in English really well too. I love the way he teaches and I have learned to much from him. He is great! 

The first few days were just orientation and I feel like we had millions. Then on the 4th we had our first investigator to teach. IN ALL SPANISH! I did have a little meltdown that day because lets face it, I dont speak Spanish. All in all, the lesson me y Hermana Meads gave was terrible. It wasnt even Spanish. It was Spanglish! But by Monday, our lesson was so much better! I felt the spirit literally work through me and I said words in Spanish that I didnt even know! Best feeling in the world to have that happen to you. 

We have 8 elders in my district and 4 hermanas. Every one is from Utah except for 3 of us. And Elder Sheeeeeeen (Shin) is a convert of only 2 years!!! He is a really good elder and actually our District Leader. But the missionaries are all awesome. I have the best district ever. 

Sorry I dont have much time, but things in the CCM are great. I love my district so much. We just laugh all the time and play fun games of volleyball during the gym time. I actually scored 3 times and if you know me well, you know that I dont do sports! Hahahahaha! AT ALL! So I was pretty excited about that. And just remember, nacho libre means free nachos. At least I think it does... Libre means free though so there ya go!!! 

Thanks everyone for the support you show me! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Hermana Burnham

Hermana Stoddard


Mexico City MTC

My District

"And that would be Elder Sheeeeen (Shin)!"

"On My Way!!"


Hermana Meads - My Companion




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