Monday, January 5, 2015

"Happy New Year"

So I am pretty sure I saw Michael Phelps today!!! We were doing Hermana Vargas´s Passport stuff and I swear it was him that I saw!!!! I wanted to ask but I didn't. I got scared. He was talking in English on the phone but then in Spanish afterwards. Who knows!!! But why would he be in Chile...... Oh well! That was pretty cool just in itself!

Anyway, New Years!!! Super fun! We got to watch fire works from our house and I spent the night cleaning the kitchen! Yay! Hahaha no it was super fun. We went to a family's house from the ward and celebrated with them until 11pm. They are super funny and had some great food for us. That was super fun. I now have my other mom from Chile! Hermana Veronca! I have so many though.

Right now, me and my comp don't have  a TON of investigators but we have some. We met a lot this week and they are all super nice and super good. We are trying to work in every area of the mission life. Not just in getting new people, but also visitng the less actives. Chile sure has a lot and so we are focusing on them and also in getting new people. Or in other words, misisonary work. Hahaha! No but it's hard sometimes to focus also on less actives. They are so forgotten a lot and that is so sad to me. I know that Heavenly Father will never forget them, so why should we? We need to visit them and help them to come back to Christ. I loved meeting 3 of our less actives this week. They are struggling a bit and will need help to come back, but I know we can do it. Our ward is here to help us and we have a lot of members who want to help us with this goal to get the less actives back to church. It's so great to see the efforts of the ward and see them come together :) I sure love them!!!

I celebrated my 6 months mark on Friday!!! I can't believe it. The mission is going by way too fast. I have so much to do and less than a year left to do it. Read all of Preach My Gospel, The Book of Mormon 4 times, Doctrina y Convenios, baptisms, reactivations, and more! There is so much, but I know I can do it through the Lord's help. I love being a missionary. I find so much joy being in his vineyard. I love Chile and I love the people that I have met. I wish I could stay here forever! Someday, I will live in Chile. Hahahaha not really, but I just love it here. These experiences have been the best. 

Well, everyone. Have a great week! Remember to enjoy the little things and be happy. Because time goes by so fast! I love you all. Thanks for the prayers and the love. I feel it all man! :) 

Con amor,
Hermana Burnham

"Cotton candy from awesome guys on Nacho Libre bikes!"

"We got our nails painted by a girl in the ward. She is so good!!!"

"Celebrating 6 months with Hermana Garner"


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