Monday, April 27, 2015

"Saying goodbye to Temuco......Saying Hello to Victoria"

"Hermana Sandra and Hermano Erwin. MIS PAPAS!"

"Saying bye to my good 'ol friends in Temuco:("

"Maria Jesus and her crazy little ones."

"Crazy Hermana Gladis! We sure enjoyed our time together:)"


"Los Angeles......going to hear Elder Oaks."

"Meeting up with Hermana Lozano."

"We have these lovely little slugs worm up through our floor:) so we kill them with salt."

"A train passed us and we almost died. Maybe we shouldn't walk in the train tracks." Hmmmmmm.

"Thanks for the hump day shirt mom!"

"Me and Hermana Mendoza. She's from Peru:) She is so cute!"

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