Monday, April 6, 2015

"He Lives!"

Yes folks. I just hit my halfway mark!!! It was soooo crazy to hit my halfway mark. I feel like these 9 months just flew past me and yet, I feel like I just got here. I am now considered and oldie missionary in the mission. The newbies are gonna think I am so old!!!! I remember thinking that when I got here. But hey, 9 months more of awesome adventures :)
So this week was kind of a week like uhhhhh..... why can't we find ANYONE? There has to be someone out there wanting to listen! Then on Friday we were kind of feeling down. All of our appointments fell through and we were like, okay. Let's go try with this lady we contacted the other day. She lives in kind of a richer neighborhood where we NEVER have any success and no one ever opens their doors. So we knocked the door at 9:20 in the night and it was a young girl, like 22 years old. We asked if Oriana was there (the lady we contacted a few months before) and she said no. So we gave her a card and asked if we could come in to watch a 2 minute video with her (the new video from the church called He Lives) She said she would have to ask her friend because it isn't her house. So she ran up the stairs, came back down and told us to come in. I was honestly shocked! We hooked up our USB to a computer and as we were setting it up she told us her name was Camila. And then she said usually when the mormons knock her door, she lies and says she is busy. But that she opened the door this time and doesn't really know why. I was my awkward self and just kind of laughed.
So we watched the video and I have seen it about 4 times before, but I felt the spirit so strong this time. I had tears in my eyes! Then I looked at Camila and she was crying. A lot. The video finished and I asked what she liked about it. She didn't talk for a while and just cried. She then said she has been searching for Christ in her life and that just moments before we knocked the door, her and her friend were talking about Christ and that she wants to be happier in her life. That's why she opened the door. Camila then told us that she said this was her sign. That not just 2 little mormon girls knocked her door, but that Christ did. I have never felt the spirit so strong. We were all crying. Me and Hermana Matias gave our testimonies and wrote down her address to visit another day. Too bad she lives in a different area! :) Hahahaha!
Honestly though, this week we hardly had any lessons and no one new in our area. But I had the BEST lesson of my mission this last Friday. I will never forget how strong the spirit was and how I felt. I love being able to meet so many people and bring them to Christ. I am so grateful for my companion too and that we both followed the spirit that night and knocked that door. Looking for someone else, but finding the person God prepared. The Lord works in mysterious ways and a lot of the time, we will never know why, but we will know that the Lord has a plan and His plan is perfect.
I love you all so much! I know that our Heavenly Father loves you all and is aware of you. Look for Christ in your life and always pray. That's where the happiness is :)
Con amor,
Hermana Burnham
P.S. He Lives is an awesome video!!!! You all  need to watch it :)

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