Monday, November 23, 2015

"Little Miracles"

I just want to say that I am so grateful to be ending my mission with Hermana Castañeda. She is one of my sweetest companions and she is also ending the mission with me. It makes things kind of nice for us because I don't have to worry about making another hermana home sick :) Hahaha! 
Anyway, so we had some cool stuff happen this week. It's still hard to get people to come to church, but we are still trying our hardest to work hard and not like a bunch of dead old Hermana grandmas. We did a thing we call "calle inspirada" or inspired street. I pick 5 random streets and so does Hermana Castañeda, then we see if we have a street in common. The one we have in common, we go to and knock the doors. So we did that and had the street Bio Bio in common. We went there and prayed REALLY hard before to find someone. After knocking about 5 to 7 doors, we got into a house. Karen and she is just an adorable 7 month pregnant lady that wants to have more of Heavenly Father in her life. It was great and we told her that we had prayed to find her. In other words, we all ended up crying. Hahaha! Then her husband Alonso came home and he just turns out to know EVERYTHING about the church and have a bunch of member friends. And went to lessons with the elders before! Like, what??? Hahaha it was so good to meet them :) 
We have also been teaching Maribel and Andres. Andres is a less active and Maribel is his girlfriend that has been taking the lessons FOREVER. But about a month ago, she opened up and said that she knows the church is true now and wants to be baptized. It was so cute and I know it is going to happen :) 
Santa Juana is lookin' up :) Hahaha! But that's just really it. I love this life and I love my compy. Things are going good and I am just denying the fact that I am going home. I will let that settle in later. 
Have a great week!!!
Hermana Burnham


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